Press Releases

2019 New Release Gallery

In Her Studio by Raphael Rubenstein

2017 The University of Houston

The Miraculous in Houston curated by Heather Bause and Raphael Rubinstein

2017 Elga Wimmer PCC

Soft Power

2015 Leslie Heller Workspace


2006 Kustera Tilton Gallery

Kerri Scharlin Girls' School

1994 Jose Freire Fine Art

Kerri Scharlin, "Interview"

1993 Postmasters, David Zwirner, Dooley Le Cappellaine

1997 Diary, Wooster Gardens

1993 David Zwirner

Sam Samore, Kerri Scharlin, Jane & Louise Wilson - A Group Exhibition

1993 Dooley Le Cappellaine

Kerri Scharlin

1992 New Museum

The Big Nothing or Le Presque Rien curated by Kerri Scharlin