Salon 10: Which Witch, February 25, 2020, featured a presentation of a new work by Cheryl Donegan and Alix Pearlstein. Cheryl designed and fabricated garments and Alix supplied the movement. Six dancers moved their way through the space and crowd to a soundtrack that mized a song by the XX with the Addams Family theme.

The performers for the event: Christen Clifford, Patricia Treib, Brenna Palughi, Kyla Chevrier, Monika Rostvold, and Marianna McClellan

Joan Bankemper, Fariba Hajamadi

Kelsey Schwetz (right)

Holly Zausner, James Sienna, Charles Bernstein

Suzanne Joelson, Susan Bee, Donna Moylan

Mira Schor, Laura Newman

Jay King (right)

Natalie Birinyi, Kristina Schmidt

David Reisman, Caroline Blum

E.V. Day, Mary Barrone

Erik Hanson, Gretchen Kraus (right)

Bill Adams, Jonathan Seliger, Laura Stein

Jane Ayers, Lisa Blas, Thierry de Duve

Mike Smith, Tin Nguyen, Fariba Hajamadi

Judith Linhares, Suzanne Joelson

Sally Gall (second from left), Jennifer Sirey, Sally Ross

Adrienne Bennett, Alix Pearlstein

Cheryl Donegan and Alix Pearlstein

Susan Bee, Jenn Dierdorf

Alix Pearlstein with Kerri

Bettina Funcke, Judith Eisler

The performance begins

Kristin Oppenheim takes in the performance

Guests watch the performance

Patricia Treib (center), Cheryl Donegan (right)

Cheryl Donegan, Trevor Sletten

Kate Gilmore, Karen Heagle, Christen Clifford, Suzanne McClelland

Laura Stein, Mie Yim, Jennifer Sirey

Photos by Christos Katsiaoun