Salon 5 : The Miraculous, June 8th, 2018, featured a reading and presentation by Raphael Rubinstein and Heather (Bause) Rubinstein. Raphael shared excerpts from his book The Miraculous (Paper Monument, 2014), including his entry on three projects by host Kerri Scharlin. Heather and Raphael contextualized the book in their slide talk, which detailed their respective painting and writing practices and their collaborative public project The Miraculous in Houston

Raphael Rubinstein presenting "The Miraculous" 

Raphael Rubinstein discussing his work and influences

Heather (Bause) Rubinstein presenting "The Miraculous in Houston"

Raphael Rubinstein

Mary Heilmann

The Miraculous audience

Heather (Bause) Rubinstein discussing her work with graphic design

Heather and Raphael

Heather (Bause) Rubinstein's slide talk on her paintings

Heather (Bause) Rubinstein "Recto-verso"

Heather (Bause) Rubinstein

Setting up for the presentation

Host Kerri Scharlin

Heather, Kerri, and Raphael

Welcome reception

Andrew Sanders, Jung Lee Sanders, Valerie Smith, and Holly Zausner

Asti Hustvedt, Jon Kessler, and Kathleen Madden

Kerri Scharlin and Howard Halle

Jane Hammond, Daniel Wiener, and Archie Rand

Yuko Otomo, Holly Miller, and Steve Dalachinsky

Carol Szymanski amd Lisa Blas

Baby's first Salon

Archie Rand, Maria Rand, Daniel Wiener, and Donna Moylan

Xiaofu Wang and Carol Szymanski

Jason Stopa and Mary Heilmann

Mary Heilmann, Charles Bernstein, Rhonda Lieberman, and Kenny Goldsmith's nose

Cheryl Donegan, Bill Komoski, and Mary Clarke

Photos by Christos Katsiaouni