Salon 9: Padgett/ Szymanski/ Yau, December 17, 2019, celebrated recent publications by French artist's books publisher Gervais Jassaud with presentations from three of his recent collaborators: artist Carol Szymanski and poets John Yau and Ron Padgett.

Rochelle Feinstein, Amy Butowicz, and Jonathan Durham

Walter Robinson and Elizabeth Hazan

John Yau (right)

Carol Szymanski, Graham Durwood, and Janice Guy

Elga Wimmer (left), Peter Klosowicz (center)

Anne Sherwood Pundyk (left)

Marjorie Welish (left)

Joe Andoe and Lisa Rosen

Kerri and Jack Stephens

Stephen Hicks, Win Knowlton, Lisa Hoke

Eve Aschheim and Laura Newman

Adrian Dannatt, Willa Schwabsky, Ksenia Saager, Jason Saager

Joan Bankemper and Kristin Oppenheim

Rochelle Feinstein and Amy Butowicz (center)

David Reisman and Caroline Blum

Michelle Segre and Angela Dufresne

John Miller, Mary Heilmann, and Aura Rosenberg

Geoffrey O'Brien, Marjorie Welish, and Ron Padgett

Steel Stillman, Kerri, Howard Halle

Kerri and Steel Stillman

Kerri, Steel Stillman, and Jane Ayers

John Yau, Charles Bernstein

Howard Halle and John Miller

Barry Schwabsky, Holly Miller, Laura Newman, David Reisman, Caroline Blum

Barry Schwabsky (right)

Geoffrey O'Brien and Kerri

Gwenolee Zurcher (second from left), Elga Wimmer (right)

Douglas Crase and Win Knowlton

Laura Stein, Fariba Hajamadi

Veronica Gonzalez Peña (center)

Lisa Blas (left)

Kate Shepherd, Lisa Rosen

Geoffrey O'Brien, John Yau, Charles Bernstein, and Joan Bankemper

Barrie Roman (center), Joan Snitzer (right)

Fariba Hajamadi, Bill Komoski, and Laura Stein

Lisa Blas (center), Elga Wimmer, and Willa Schwabsky

Elizabeth Hazan and Jennifer Sirey

Jason Saager and Ksenia Saager

John Yau

Kai Matsumiya (right)

Mary Heilmann admiring Carol Szymanski's book

Mary Heilmann and Carol Szymanski

Carol Szymanki and Kerri

John Yau and Ron Padgett chatting before presentations begin

Gervais Jassaud, publisher of the feted books, enjoys a meal at his home in France

Walter Robinson (left) John Yau and Ron Padgett

Host Kerri welcomes guests

Barry Schwabsky introduces the evening's program

Barry Schwabsky

Barry Schwabsky

Carol Szymanski shows images from her book Contra Dia, a collaboration with Ximena Godoy-Arcaya, published in 2019 by Gervais Jassaud

John Yau reads from his book Midway, a collaboration with Kathy Barry, published in 2019 by Gervais Jassaud

John Yau and a spread from Midway

Ron Padgett reads From a cabin in the woods, different editions of which were illustrated by Hadieh Shafie, Kati Immonen, Angela Brennan, Ester Partegas, Luis Cruz Azaceta, John Walker, Francisca Sutil, and Sandra Meigs. Published by Gervais Jassaud.

Photos by Christos Katsiaouni